Get to know Liana Zavo and some of her personal branding leadership thoughts

Liana Zavo or the growth of a reputation management professional: Recently in 2022, Liana Zavo attended the Dubai Expo 2020 and integrated the learnings that empowered her to achieve the next milestone. Liana ZavoMediaPR Group became an international brand to expand Liana Zavo’s influence a few months later. She aimed to inspire the next generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs to amplify their voices through storytelling. She expertly attracts the necessary target market to close more deals by creating social media presence with the right amount of editorial content, interviews, and podcast placement. With over 10 years of experience and expertise under her belt, Liana Zavo successfully helped executives navigate complexity with confidence and clarity of thought to attract the best attention and boost their brand. Find additional details on Liana Zavo.

Question: What advice can you give for business owners when it comes to PR? Liana: A PR’s responsibility is to build and manage brand reputation. It requires time to create the desired image for your brand. Don’t expect it to be an overnight success. Instead, delve into the process with your PR team to brainstorm ideas and concepts best for your business. The advantage of PR Agencies is that you don’t have to spend a massive amount promoting your products and services. Packages are tailored and curated based on your needs. A small business owner can start with the basic strategies first to establish personal brand visibility which leads to massive social proof and credibility, and that leads to profitability. This sets the foundation for more speaking engagements and press coverage. Don’t expect to measure PR in ROI. It doesn’t work like that, it’s not marketing or advertising.

Question: Would it be a good time to start a business in our current state?

Liana Zavo: The new normal proved to be a complicated situation for everyone. Businesses had to adjust and pivot according to the new rules and health protocols to keep everyone safe. I suggest studying the latest trends and keeping an eye on where the demand is. Always keep moving like a shark! Social media is an ideal place to start since brands have switched completely digital to boost their presence online. Despite the pressures of the pandemic, there are still plenty of options worth trying. Don’t limit your imagination and ideas.

Question: To wrap up this interview, what is the biggest takeaway that aspiring influencers can learn from the media mogul on Clubhouse?

Liana Zavo: Own your influence and never let failures define who you are. We all start from small, humble beginnings and push forward to evolve into what we desire to be. I started with a few followers on Clubhouse, but that didn’t discourage me. I kept going and visited different rooms, joined in conversations, and connected with many people. I shared my knowledge, and in return, gained wisdom from peers. I showed up consistently until people recognized me for my expertise in my niche. My influence grew and led me to where I am today because I decided to pour into others with my expertise and knowledge in PR, media and how to run a successful business.

Taking risks is an inevitable part of building and nurturing a career. No matter what road awaits, nobody can move forward if shadowed by reluctance and fear. Despite countless failures, Liana Zavo never let these roadblocks keep her from reaching her ambitions. The founder and CEO of ZavoMedia, a PR and Digital Marketing Agency based in NYC, she firmly stands by her mantra, “Success is the ability to Conquer failures time and again.” By aligning her personality with her purpose, Liana pivoted her career

From a celebrity stylist and designer to a rockstar publicist and business woman. Her expertise in public relations, entrepreneurship, and leadership led her to appear on Forbes, FOX News, Entrepreneur Magazine, Young Entrepreneur Council, etc. After gaining momentum in the PR industry, Liana expanded her reach using a new platform called Clubhouse. This audio-based app connects people with experts from various trades through ‘rooms’ where anyone can join, listen, and participate in the conversation. Although the app is still in its beta phase, Liana saw this as an opportunity to teach business owners and professionals about PR. Due to the increasing demand on Clubhouse, Liana created PR Academy to teach small businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs the proper PR strategies to boost their personal brand in the press, media and TV. In this interview, we’ll discover how Liana etched her name in the PR industry and find out her notes on leadership, power and creativity.

ZavoMedia PR Group is a global public relations and digital branding agency that works with nonprofits, professionals, small business owners, and social impact brands to increase their visibility in the media and online. At ZavoMedia PR Group, we take pride in employing women creatives who truly understand the art of storytelling through digital and traditional media platforms. We don’t just follow trends; we start them through inclusive messaging that uplifts the voices that often go unheard.