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Stainless steel mixing tank wholesale manufacturer right now? We have 2 processing bases, they are in Zhaoqing city(covering an area of more than 17000 square meters), Shaoguan city, covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters.Professional cosmetic machinery manufacturers, suppliers Jinzong Machinery specializes in manufacturing of chemical reactors, vacuum mixers, vacuum homogenizer mixers, disperser, mills, mixing tank, filling machine,resin plant and mechanical equipment. Read additional details on paint production line.

Jinzong Enterprise consists of Guangzhou Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd, Guangdong Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd,Guangzhou Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in development R&D, sales and service for single-machine and complete production line. , It is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province and it has been devoting itself to product innovation and its annual R & D cost comes up to 3% of the annual turnover. Now it has acquired many invention patent and utility model patent and also has obtained awards in Guangdong Province for several times for innovation and technology transforming to achievements So far, we have formed a full range of products.

Understand the functions and working methods of the equipment, and understand the related functions and working methods in order to better control the quality of the produced products and whether they can meet the production needs. Understand the material of the emulsifying mixer machine and other related conditions. The material of the equipment determines the durability and wear resistance of the equipment, and determines the true quality of the product. Understand the brand information of the equipment. The brand is built by the brand owner through many years, and it is a comprehensive reflection of the performance of word-of-mouth, quality, service, etc., and in-depth understanding of the brand information can more clearly determine whether in-depth cooperation can be carried out. Understand the service information of the brand; equipment is something that needs to be used for many years, and there may be large and small problems such as loss during many years of operation. At this time, regular manufacturers will have corresponding technical consultants and maintenance services. Analysis and judgment maintenance gives a solution.

When considering your custom liquid filling machine, it’s important to specify what type of containers you propose to fill. Will you be filling flexible pouches, tetrapacks or bottles? If bottles, what is the size, shape and material? Glass or plastic? What type of cap or lid is required? Crimp cap, fill cap, press-on cap, twist on, spray – there are endless options possible. Further, do you require a labelling solution as well? Defining all such needs beforehand will make it easier when discussing your plans with your packaging systems and supplies provider. Ideally, your liquid filling line should offer flexibility; it should handle a range of bottle sizes & shapes with minimal changeover time.

An important link of the cosmetics factory is cosmetics production equipment – Jin Zong enterprise has twenty years of cosmetics production equipment design and manufacturing experience, long live closely with customers, continuously learning and improving, make Jin Zong design and manufacture of cosmetics machinery stable and durable, and produces the product effect and quality is very good.We have cosmetic manufacturing machinery in variety, including deodorant filling machine, cosmetic mixing tank, cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment and etc. Find extra info at