Full Review of the JustCBD Vegan Gummies

In this full review of JustCBD Vegan
. Packed with a whopping 300 mg of CBD per package, these come in a
variety of flavors, which I’ll be getting into in a few minutes. The gummies
that I received for a review shipped in excellent packaging and the contents
were well secured. When I opened up the package, it had 4 jaw-dropping flavors,
which made me want to try them instantly. The 4 flavors that I received are CBD Exotic
Fruit gummies
Mixed Berries Vegan Gummies
Mixed Fruit Vegan Gummies
, and lastly, the most favorited and most ordered,
Strawberry Champagne Vegan Gummies

If you’re wondering what CBD is, it is essentially a
stress-relieving agent that lowers your stress, anxiety, and depression. What I
like about using CBD (Cannabidiol) from JustCBD is that there are no adverse
side effects. It is entirely natural, and there are no synthetics or harmful
ingredients involved in the making of these products.

The fact that these are all-natural edibles, more and more
people are moving towards this as a means to have a good night’s sleep and wake
up with boosted energy levels. Trust me, I’ve tried these products after a busy
day at work, and you won’t believe how energetic and productive I felt in the
morning after. Apologies for keeping you waiting, but I’ll just need two more
minutes of your time before I get into the actual products. I would like to
tell a little back story of the brand JustCBD.

The Story of JustCBD

Many brands are making the claims to provide you with the
experience of a lifetime when it comes to consuming CBD for its numerous health
benefits. However, there are only a few brands that actually stand out. JustCBD
is one of those brands. Trust me, once you try JustCBD, there would be no going back to
other brands.

From what I’ve experienced, JustCBD has one primary aim,
which is to make all of us live a healthy life. The CBD in JustCBD products is
extracted from hemp grown in the US. In addition, the other ingredients used in
the making of JustCBD products are also natural and in no way synthetic.
Besides, the packaging of the products itself stands out.

If you’re a frequent user of CBD products, you might have
noticed that the labels come off pretty easily from different CBD products.
However, that is not the case with JustCBD. The tags are not only stuck on
correctly, but they also provide you with a premium look. Without any further
ado, let’s dive into the actual products and see if they actually back whatever
I’ve said about JustCBD. I almost forgot, before we dive into the products,
here’s a fun fact about JustCBD, “All of JustCBD products are gluten-free
and have no GMOs included in the making of JustCBD products.”

JustCBD has also been covered in different health magazines
including Grand
Rapid Business General
, Men’s
, and Forbes.

JustCBD Gummies

Whether you’re a first-timer or you’re a frequent user of
Vegan Gummies
would most definitely be your favorite CBD edibles, trust me
when I say this. Well, the packaging of the product kind of gave it away but,
I’ll be candid with you. I didn’t expect them to be this good. All of the 4
types of CBD edibles that I received have 300 mg of pure CBD, along with other
natural ingredients and some artificial flavors to make the mouth-watering
flavors even tastier.

The day I tried these CBD edibles by JustCBD, I had 3 back
to back meetings and felt really exhausted. I started out with the CBD Exotic
Fruit Gummies that have approximately 10 mg of CBD per bear. A few minutes in
and I felt so relaxed that I could have attended those 3 meetings again. Since
I am a low-strength
CBD consumer
, I could not let the luscious flavors fool me into taking more.
Although they are the most taste candies I could ever find and contain a
legally recommended dosage of CBD that could not get me high in any way,
whatsoever, I decided to not overdose it.

Without any further ado, allow me to provide you with a
hands-down review of the JustCBD gummies that I received and have a detailed
look at each of them. Pun intended – I took a few gummies prior to writing this
review, and you might have noticed that by now.

JustCBD Exotic Fruit Gummies

Exotic Fruit gummies
are first for a reason, and that is their sweet and
tangy flavor. Taking your CBD edibles to the next level, these Non-GMO, Vegan
CBD Exotic Fruit Gummies are the way to go if you’ve had back to back meetings
like me. Eating a few JustCBD Exotic Fruit gummies before going to bed, will
not only make you feel relaxed, but you will also sleep like a baby.

Moreover, if you’re in for a tropical experience, you will
not be disappointed with the Exotic Fruit Gummies by JustCBD. The flavor is
heavenly, but do NOT take a handful since you’ll be craving for more with these
exotic fruit gummies.

Exotic Fruit gummies
have a premium blend of ingredients to make you
experience CBD in a whole new way. To make up for the tropical and tangy
experience, these include natural flavors and natural fruit juice concentrates.
Moreover, to give them the shape of tiny adorable bears, these are made with
glucose syrup, pectin, citric acid, potassium citrate, carnauba wax, paprika
(for coloring), coconut oil, palm oil, vegetable juice primarily for coloring,
and of course, the most important, hemp extract CBD.

CBD Mixed Berries Vegan Gummies

Mixed Berries Vegan Gummies
would take your stress and anxiety away, within
a few minutes and honestly, you will feel it leaving your body. Moreover, you
will feel a considerate boost in your moods.

For a berrylicious experience, the CBD
Mixed Berries Vegan Gummies
are a must-have. Yes, you read correctly. I
just made a new word. The CBD Mixed Berries vegan gummies are made from natural
hemp extract CBD with up to 10 mg of CBD per bear.

To give these CBD edibles a luscious flavor, these are made
with organic cane sugar, fruit juice concentrates (sour cherry, peach, orange,
sugar, apple ), glucose syrup, pectin, citric acid, potassium citrate, natural
flavors, coloring (carrot pumpkin, spirulina extract, fruit juice, black carrot
juice concentrate, paprika extract), carnauba wax, palm oil, and coconut oil.

CBD Mixed Fruit Vegan Gummies

If you’re not a fan of a specific flavor, the CBD
Mixed Fruit Vegan Gummies
by JustCBD are precisely what you need. As
mentioned earlier, JustCBD products feature a rich and premium hemp extract
CBD. Pop a few gummies, wait for a few minutes and allow the CBD in these
gummies to work its wonders and push your stress, anxiety, and pain away for
miles. I decided to test these out before a meeting since I felt a little
anxious due to the new changes in our project.

At first, I didn’t feel a thing, but when I gave the CBD
Mixed Fruit Vegan gummies a few minutes, I immediately felt relieved and was
more focused on my meetings, and guess what, my colleagues complimented me on
my presentation as well.

The CBD Mixed Fruit Vegan gummies are made with all-natural
ingredients, including glucose syrup, fruit juice concentrates, organic cane
sugar (to make your gummies sweeter), citric acid, pectin, potassium citrate,
natural flavors, coloring (carrot pumpkin, fruit juice, spirulina extract,
paprika extract, black carrot juice concentrate), carnauba wax, coconut oil,
palm oil, and the most critical ingredient, hemp extract CBD.

CBD Strawberry Champagne Vegan Gummies

I had so many expectations from the JustCBD
Strawberry Champagne Vegan Gummies
. I’ll be honest with you guys; this is
by far the best CBD edible that I’ve ever tried. I reviewed this one at the end
because I love strawberries and wanted the flavor to last for longer.

The sweet flavor, the stress going away, the state of
relaxation, everything made this CBD
Strawberry Champagne Vegan Gummies
worth the wait considering the fact that
I reviewed these last. I won’t even hide it; I took a few extra gummies because
that is how delicious these were.

The CBD strawberry champagne vegan gummies feature a rich
blend of ingredients with glucose syrup, organic cane sugar, strawberry juice
fruit concentrate, pectin, citric acid, potassium citrate, flavor, carnauba
wax, palm oil, coconut oil, and hemp-extract cannabidiol.

The CBD in these gummies is more than enough to make you
feel relaxed and more focused on your goals –thus allowing you to eventually
lead healthier lives, which is what JustCBD intends to do.


JustCBD gummies would provide you with the experience of a
lifetime. Just like my tastebuds craved for more, you too will end up taking a
few extra gummies just for the sake of their luscious taste. Even though I took
a few extra gummies, I did not feel high or euphoric. But instead, it made me
feel relaxed and more focused on my tasks. Moreover, I also started sleeping
better after consuming these CBD edibles prior to going to bed, which
eventually resulted in my health getting improved. From packaging to the end
products, JustCBD didn’t disappoint me in any way.