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Top expandable container houses manufacturer? Guangdong WELLCAMP Steel Structure & Modular Housing CO., LTD is a 100% exporting factory engaged in Fabrication & Production, Research & Development, Sales & Services of Prefab House, Container House, Steel Structure, etc. Our team has over 18 years experiences in exporting Prefab Houses & Container Houses. With 1 Office in Foshan city and 1 major factory in Zhao Qing city, our production base has more than 20,000 m2 area, 3 production lines & expanding. Additionally, our 3 other joint-ventured major production bases over 50,000m2 area, became Southern China`s famous Prefab House & Container House wholesaler in Domestic Market, bringing our annual Production Capacity exceed 600,000 m2. See even more information on Expandable Container Homes.

WEllCAMP detachable container house shows the advantage in installation process without any machines such as forklift and crane. The container house can be installed by hand and bolts. All the materials are separated in the factory and assembled in the local site. The size of the container house is customized. You can design as your requirement and don’t need to worry about the loading. Regarding the prefab detachable container house wall panel, it can be a flat shape sandwich panel or corrugated shape sandwich panel. Wellcamp detachable container house is the best choice for the container office.

This kind of Shipping Container House is modified by the real 20 feet shipping container or 40 feet shipping container. It can be new or second hand, which is a very green way to build the house. A fast way to build the container home. As the majority of the furniture, electric and water system are already built inside. Made of the Carbon Steel, the outside steel plate is welding connected. This shipping containers house are extremely strong. Waterproof, sou-insulated, heat preservation and easy to clean and maintain. Wide application in the office, conference room, dormitory, store, factory etc.

Wellcamp prefabricated concrete villa is as strong as the our living civil house. The wall is made of 50mm/75mm/100mm noise proof, fireproof and waterproof concrete panel. The painting, wall paper and ceramic tile can be used on this concrete wall. After the decoration(ceiling, water and electric systems, furniture, ceramic and cleaning), the house looks like a modern civil house. Because the wall panel is very strong, the servicing time of the house can be more than 25 years.

Simplicity: The material components of the Flat Pack Container Houses are simple and easy to understand, and the installation steps are simple and quick. Mobility: Before installation, we can use a crane to move the roof and floor of Flat Pack Container Houses to facilitate installation. After the installation is complete, you can use a crane or forklift to move the location of the house, which greatly reduces the physical consumption of workers and saves time. See even more information on