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B2B lead generation experts and methods by Viplove Bhojwani today

B2C lead generation experts and methods with Viplove Bhojwani 2024: Choose Social Media Goals That Address Business Challenges – Goals come first, always. Why should you invest in social media? What are your desired outcomes? What’s tricky, is the wide range of capabilities that social offers – from building brand awareness, to educating consumers, enabling […]

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Luxury brands and client expectations solutions today with Barbara Jarabik

Luxury retail customer service management from Barbara Jarabik: Luxury retail no longer means wrapping an item in elegant, branded packaging. It is being redefined by evolving customer expectations and influenced by escalating CX standards in specific regions of the world, such as the Middle East, where remarkable customer service is embedded in the culture. Luxury […]

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Modern luxury brands advertising methods after Covid-19 pandemic by Barbara Jarabik

Barbara Jarabik talking about luxury brands advertising methods after Covid-19 pandemic: Your marketing materials should also use aspirational language that emphasizes the quality and exclusivity of your products. This will create an emotional connection with customers and encourage them to buy your product. Use aspirational slogans, such as “the ultimate in luxury” or “beyond compare.” […]

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