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Premium barcode inventory software with GetGear? GEAR is a Google Sheets based inventory software app builder that links with Barcode scanning on iOS, Android and desktop. GEAR NBS helps you to build an inventory app for things like physical goods, parts or even real estates. Just like a Google Form, it allows you to create a form with fields specifically designed for asset management purposes. Once this is done, the Google Sheet is then connected as your database! Enter all inventory details effortlessly, whether you’re at the warehouse or on the go. Find even more details on inventory management for google sheets. With the gear NBS mobile app, you can manage your inventory no matter where you are. You can switch between desktop and mobile seamlessly.

Install the app on as many as you’d like. Data conveniently stored in your Google Drive for security and accessible features in Google Sheets. Assign permission for G Suite users to have centralized access to scan assets to centralized database. Need to switch devices or use multiple? No problem, our app is device transferable-friendly. Our app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Androids, and tablets to function as a scanner.

Text fields included in the design are simple to enter information into and dropdown menus are easy to select options. At the end of the form when the administrator issues the device to an employee and presses [Submit changes]. The information is recorded in real-time and automatically transferred onto the administrator’s Google Spreadsheet. On the spreadsheet in the “Barcode Scanner” tab, all equipment availability and information appears.

The barcode app with Google Sheet is a powerful combination in terms of inventory management. It works with any iOS and Android based smartphone and you don’t need to reinvest on heavy gadgets if you’re doing inventory management. Significantly, this is a less expensive way of managing data and having a barcode that keeps track of all your items. A Google Sheets based barcode scanning application give you the flexibility unlike doing inventory work in Microsoft Excel. With the GEAR Barcode Scanner, you have quick access to Google Sheets wherein you can import and export information. This allows you to have a collaborative workflow with all the information stored and secured.

Desktop mode on Chrome Browser: On the main screen, you will notice that the scan button says “click here and scan with USB barcode scanner” instead of “click here to scan”. Scan an item using your mounted wireless/bluetooth scanner. It will capture the item and display the entry form. As we focus on the international market, our current user interface will be overhauled and upgraded to make it more accessible for a global audience. The backend system that powers this new design will also undergo substantial changes so as to best serve an expanding customer base. We are eager to show you what’s coming up in the upcoming months! Find more info at