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When the AC supply is connected to the primary winding, it induces currents in the charge. As the secondary, i.e., the charge has some resistance, thus the induced currents in the charge heats it up. Factors Affecting Induction Heating: In order to analyze the factors affecting the induction heating process, let us consider a circular disc which has to be heated. The disc carrying a current of I amperes at a frequency of f Hz; refer the figure. The induction heating is used in plastic injection modeling machines.

By altering the strength of the applied current, we can control the heating temperature. As the eddy current produced inside the material flows opposite to the electrical resistivity of the material, precise and localized heating is observed in this process. Besides eddy current, heat is also generated due to hysteresis in magnetic parts. The electrical resistance offered by a magnetic material, towards the changing magnetic field within the inductor, cause internal friction. This internal friction creates heat. This process is used in inductive furnaces for to heat metal to its melting point. As this is a contactless heating process, vacuum furnaces make use of this process for making specialized steel and alloys that would get oxidized when heated in the presence of oxygen.

The product structure has been continuously improved, and the company’s products have continued to advance into advanced energy-saving models. On the basis of the original energy-saving lGBT transistor IF power supply, a thyristor series IF power supply that is currently leading in the world has been introduced. It is suitable for one-to-two (or one-to-N) IF melting furnace, which can realize the melting of one furnace body, another furnace body heat preservation function and a new breakthrough in power, a single power can reach more than 10,000kW, capacity can reach more than 15 tons, the frequency from 75HZ to 8KHZ, fully meet the melting, induction heating, quenching, etc. Various heating applications. Find additional info at