Business projects online management tool today

Business projects online management tool 2022? Easily plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects of all sizes on time using a single project planning software with all the right tools in place. Next to it you will find a video support in which the advantages and benefits of using the MIP Platform are presented. A designated Expert can monitor one or more Business Plans (PAs), both on the entire PA and on monitoring components (Budget / UK, Operations, etc.). Experts are managed as functions. An account (user = email) can be associated with one or more projects, and in a project, the expert can occupy several functions. See even more information on manage European funded project. Each function in the project has an associated CalendarExpert, in which the associated activity and deliverables are recorded.

Management of all Expert Calendars and associated data: Calendar data, hours, associated project, function, project activity, actions, activity description, Deliverable1, Deliverable2 and Deliverable3. Deliverable Management – Non-Automatic Stacking of Stacked Files (Structured and Outlined) Manage time slot collisions; Real-time management of the remaining hours to be executed, of the hours worked, respectively of the weight (%) of the hours worked: (a) on Experts, (b) on each function budgeted in the funding application, (c) on Project activities – as have been registered in CalendarExpert.

The partners who opt for the MIP Package have access to the virtualized project according to the funding application, having prepared all the tools necessary for its implementation. The virtualization duration of a project is approx. 7-14 days, depending on the number of partners, the number of activities and their distribution, respectively the size of the project team. The virtualization process is performed by the MIP Team. Even if, after a presentation workshop of maximum 2 hours , the project team has enough knowledge to operate a DEMO Project, the whole licensing process, project virtualization, initial configuration, expert training and launch of the project in production, requires approx. 15 days.

The package is part of a MIP subscription – dedicated to the management of participants in professional training courses. This package includes the eLearning module, within a web solution that includes a beneficiary platform with the following components: blog, service booking, online courses, e-commerce, members social interface, administration interface, with distinct roles for beneficiary team members , etc. Students are organized into course groups, which build Course Classes. Find extra info at

MIP online platform – is useful for the simultaneous management of all projects carried out in parallel by beneficiaries with teams of over 25 and 250 experts and who want to boost their performance. The package combines the advantages of the simultaneous use of the two macro-modules: MIP and Business Plan, managing both the Funding Source Project and the Business Plans financed by it. This ensures an excellent tool for monitoring business plans with the automatic loading of deliverables generated by PA, directly in the Monitoring Expert Calendar.