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Reliable matress tips and tricks today? The DreamCloud Premier makes its debut in our 2022 mattress ratings. Similar to the standard DreamCloud, the Premier is a hybrid mattress with a medium-firm feel of 6.5 out of 10. In our overall rating of the Best Mattresses, the DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier are the tallest at 14 inches high. The Premier differs from the standard DreamCloud by offering more layers of foam above the spring coils. DreamCloud says these additional foam and memory foam layers offer more pressure relief while also providing better motion isolation.

A more traditional composition of up to 2500 hand-nested pocket springs paired with all-natural hypoallergenic fillings such as cashmere, wool, cotton and silk the Herdwick from the Woolroom is a classic choice. It’s delivered by a two-man team, which is just as well as the king size our testers chose is both weighty and solid. No mind, the delivery team seemed well versed in getting large objects up difficult, windy stairs to unpack and place the mattress in the room of choice. They also took away all packaging, which was great. At first glance you can see the craftsmanship that has gone into this quality piece, with a soft-to-the-touch, chemical free merino wool ticking top secured with tufted ‘buttons’. It almost felt a shame to cover it up with sheets. We were testing on a slatted base and although the mattress felt quite bouncy at first, it was plenty firm enough for our back sleeper, while it was wonderfully easy on the hips and shoulders for our side snoozer. The natural materials make it breathable and help to wick away nighttime sweat, ensuring the hottest of our testers had a very comfortable, wriggle-free night. As with all traditional spring mattresses it does require both turning and rotating to keep it at its best and while it’s heavy, the sturdy side handles make it a 5 minute job when changing sheets.

We were also impressed by how much we felt like we were sleeping in a bubble of bliss on this mattress. As we have already mentioned, the isolation was excellent, but we were also impressed with how well it regulated our temperatures. With other mattresses, our co-tester was liable to disagree with us about warmth, but on the Emma premium, we were both kept at a perfect temperature for us. This is thanks to the two layers of memory foam that are specifically designed to help airflow. The Emma premium gets two thumbs up from us.

Buying the right size mattress for your bed frame: Measure the inside frame of your bed using a tape measure, to check if the mattress is going to fit. Obviously, you don’t want it exactly the same because you need a slight gap for changing sheets. If you have a divan bed, take measurements from the top of the divan – not the sides – all the way to each edge. Can I change my mind? Most manufacturers will allow for you to try your mattress at home and then return it if you’re not happy. But this isn’t a given, so always check with the retailer and/or brand you’re buying from. While some trial periods are relatively short – 30 days or so – some are up to a year. There will be terms to these trial periods: some will require the use of mattress protectors, while others will expect you to follow care guidelines to the letter. We’ve listed here the trial and guarantee periods for each of the mattresses we tried. See more information at

We tested this mattress through June and part of July, which featured heatwaves. Our reviewer was impressed at how cool the mattress kept her even in 20-degree heat – so impressive, in fact, that she slept all the way through the night. The Ultima features a removable and machine-washable thermic cover aims to reduce body temperature by two degrees. Combined with the mattress’s dynamic airflow design, it’s made to keep you cool as you sleep. The luxury element comes with the huge 10 layers in this hybrid mattress, consisting of premium memory foam and 6,000 nano and pocket springs – plus that aforementioned thermic cover. It’s important to note that this mattress is heavy – it took two pretty strong people to lug it up the stairs – but once in position, it’s easy to manoeuvre. If you want to invest in a mattress and don’t mind dropping a cool £1,000 plus, we’d really recommend this mattress. You’ll also get free premium delivery, a 100-night comfort trial and a 10-year guarantee, so you can rest assured you’re covered in case you change your mind.